Megan Spradlin, Advanced practice nurse.

Advanced practice nurse joins Mercy Clinic Primary Care Edmond Memorial


Megan Spradlin always suspected medicine would be a good career fit, but a hospital stay 12 years ago confirmed her suspicions.
“During that confusing, frightening time, there were nurses on staff who answered my questions, assuaged my fears and partnered in my care,” she said. “I thought, ‘How fulfilling that must be to be able to provide such care and comfort to a person in need.’”
The following semester, Spradlin enrolled in the nursing program at the University of Central Oklahoma, graduating in 2009. She obtained a doctorate of nursing practice, with an emphasis on family medicine, from Oklahoma City University in 2014.
She began working as an advanced practice registered nurse at Mercy Clinic Primary Care Edmond Memorial May 11.
Spradlin said she chose family medicine because it allows her to care for people throughout their lives, holistically. She wants to offer her patients “comfort, reassurance and hope.”
“I would like to show that I take the time to consider the many different factors that influence the overall health and well-being of a patient,” she said. “My wish is to have patients reach their goals, and having the ability and training to help them get there is a wonderful blessing to me.”
Spradlin knows many of her patients may not understand the role of an advanced practice nurse, particularly one with a doctorate.
“It is a different path from becoming a physician, which is why we are able to complement each other in the health care setting,” she said.
To schedule an appointment with Megan Spradlin, call Mercy Clinic Primary Care Edmond Memorial at 405-341-7009.