Amy Milton, BSN, RN, CPN, Nurse Liaison at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is inspired by her faith.

story and photo by Vickie Jenkins


Meet Amy Milton, BSN, RN, CPN, Nurse Liaison, working at the Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital. After graduating from Oklahoma Baptist University, Milton started working as a nurse where she has been for five years. She has held the position of Nurse Liaison for the past two years. Playing an important role, Milton is the one that evaluates the child that is in acute-care hospitals beginning with the pre-admission process, following through until their release. She is with the child from the beginning to the end, keeping the communication open.
When Milton was a little girl, she always wanted to be a nurse. Growing up with her mom being a nurse, her mom had a great influence on her life. Now, Milton’s mom works as the main OR supervisor at OSU Medical Hospital in Tulsa, OK. Milton always knew that her mom loved her job and loved helping people so Milton followed in her mom’s footsteps. “My mom was my mentor when I was going through school because I always went to her if I had a medical question,” she said with a laugh. “She was the one with the most knowledge and experience. I’ve always admired my mom for everything she has done for me, and all of the things that she continues to do. Because of that, it made the two of us closer in a special way,” she adds.
Asking Milton what her greatest asset is, she replies, “I think it is compassion. I have so much compassion for the children and I love seeing the children get better. I have a lot of hope for the children and it is exciting when it all comes together and the children get to go home to be with their parents.”
For someone going into the medical field, Milton offers this advice. “If someone is interested in a job in the medical field, persue it. Yes, it is going to be hard and frustrating at times, and emotionally draining when you least expect it, and you might even wonder what you have gotten yourself into but stick with it. Nursing school was hard and other jobs in the medical field are even harder but set a goal and reach that goal. Believe me, in the long run, it is well worth it.”
“How would you describe yourself?” I ask Milton. “I am a quiet person and reserved a big part of the time. Being compassionate is a real plus for me and the children here are a big part of my life. I love helping the children and it is a blessing to see them get better. I am a hard worker and put my all into everything I always get the job done.” “What inspires you to keep going?” I ask Milton. Without hesitation, she replies, “Oh, it is definitely my faith. My faith inspires me and keeps me going.” Milton tells me that the most important thing in her life is faith, God, and family. “I love my life and I thank God for everything. I feel very blessed.” Asking Milton what the last book she read was, she replies, “The Bible.”
“What makes a good team-player?” I ask Milton. “I think a good team-player needs to be someone that will listen to everything, no matter what. A team-player needs to do their job and go beyond what they are expected to do, never expecting anything in return. They should set some goals and strive to reach those goals. They need to remember to do what is best for the child. Everyone on the team should continue on. That is success.”
Milton’s hobbies include, volleyball, running, spending time with her family and cooking. “I used to play volleyball so much but now, I don’t really have the time. I have always enjoyed spending time with my family.” “Do you have a favorite childhood memory?” I ask Milton. “Oh, I would have to say it was, camping with my family. We would go camping, fishing and canoeing. It was such a great time.”
“If you were going to give someone some words to live by, what would they be?” I ask Milton. “It would be, ‘Follow God and serve Him in everything you do.’”