5. antianemic roll the vial
7. tx HTN, change position slowly
8. metabolic alkalosis, s/e blood in urine and increase in uric acid
10. reduce edema, loop diuretic
12. OTC anti diarreheal can cause constipation
14. tx head/lung tumors use contact precautions, antibetobolic
16. lower phosphorus levels, GI upset, hyperkalemia
17. reduce fluid overload, s/e hypokalemia
18. resp. depression, narctic, urine retention
19. tx nausea, may develope a tolerance, antianxiety
20. use with corticosteroids, avoid OTC medications, immunosuppresant
21. tx bone marrow depression, cause anemia and decrease WBC count
1. chew well, no water, hypercalcemia
2. risk for infection, do not give with grapefruit
3. man boobs
4. pain at injection site
6. stops estrogen/progestrogen, can cause facial hair, hypercalcemia
9. tx solid yumors, toxic to kidneys, antibiotic
11. swollen gums and gingival hyperplasia
13. give with full glass of H2O, s/e muscle spasms, blurry vision
15. antidiarreal, dry mouth NO GLAUCOMA