Carl Albert State College is proud to announce that its Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Program has been recognized as the top nursing school in Oklahoma by The CASC program was identified by the team as among the best schools apart from OU nursing programs. This prestigious acknowledgment highlights the program’s commitment to providing an affordable, accessible, and exceptional education to aspiring nurses.
The nursing program at Carl Albert State College stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, which focuses on preparing students to provide safe, evidence-based nursing care. Through a combination of theory, clinical, and simulation experiences, students develop essential skills in client assessment and clinical judgment, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the demands of modern healthcare.
“We are thrilled to be recognized as one of the top nursing schools in Oklahoma,” said Rebecca Sanders, Director of the Nursing Program at Carl Albert State College. “This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our faculty and staff, as well as the commitment of our students to excel in their studies.”
Central to the program’s success is its emphasis on essential nursing communication, management, and technological skills. By integrating these critical components into the curriculum, students graduate with a well-rounded understanding of the nursing profession and are prepared to excel in a variety of healthcare settings.
Furthermore, the nursing program at Carl Albert State College strongly emphasizes the value of lifelong learning. Students are encouraged to continue their education beyond graduation, ensuring they remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in healthcare and are prepared to provide high-quality care to the communities they serve.
“We believe in fostering a culture of lifelong learning among our students,” added Sanders. “By instilling this value early on in their education, we are preparing them to be adaptable and informed healthcare professionals who can meet the evolving needs of their patients and communities.”
As Carl Albert State College celebrates this prestigious recognition, it reaffirms its commitment to excellence in nursing education and looks forward to continuing to serve as a leading institution for aspiring nurses in Oklahoma.

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