One of Edmond, Oklahoma’s leading healthcare providers is Kara De La Pena, APRN-CNP. Kara is proud to be CEO of Np2Go, Inc.

Highlighting one of Edmond, Oklahoma’s notable healthcare leaders is Kara De La Pena, APRN-CNP, founder of Np2Go, Inc. Here, you will find high quality healthcare solutions in the metro area. Kara is a local nurse practitioner, a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, and is board-certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Kara is also certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.
Kara was born and raised in Enid, Oklahoma. She earned her associate’s degree in nursing from Oklahoma City Community College in 2012, and her bachelors of science in nursing from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 2014. In 2019, she earned a master’s degree in nursing while graduating as a family nurse practitioner from Maryville University in St. Louis.
Asking Kara why she became a nurse, she replied. “When I was 16, my grandmother had a stroke, causing her to be paralyzed on her left side. My mother, who was a nurse took care of her and I helped. I also remember the patients in the hospital thanking my mother and the other nurses for their care. This experience made me realize that I wanted to be a nurse to help people and provide a valuable service to others. I graduated from Enid High School in 2004 and decided to pursue a career in the medical field.”
“I felt like I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of helping others. I wanted to offer a unique service that could benefit a wide range of people. This led to the creation of my business Np2Go, Inc. which I envisioned as perfect for homebound patients, people on the go, parents, family and more,” Kara explained.
As CEO, Kara has many roles. She oversees both clinical and business operations at Np2Go, which includes weight loss programs, telemedicine, lab work, IV fluids and injections, mobile visits, office visits, laser hair removal, urgent care visits, IV hydration, IV vitamins and cosmetic treatments.
I asked Kara what qualities she thought a nurse should have. She replied, “I think a nurse should have integrity, empathy and a genuine care for others. Being a good person means having integrity and always doing the right thing.”
Kara not only demonstrates her expertise in her everyday work but also shows her strength as a nurse through her ability to listen to her patients and relate to them. She earns their trust by being open and honest, creating a judgement-free environment, which is another important factor in her practice.
Kara’s biggest challenge as a nurse is facing self-criticism. “It’s difficult but sometimes, it is necessary, to evaluate oneself critically. I always strive for excellence, continually setting higher goals and working hard to achieve them,” she commented. “On the other hand, my greatest reward is loving what I do, so it never feels like a job. I find fulfillment in solving problems, making new discoveries and embracing new beginnings,” she added.
When asked what she is most proud of, Kara replied, “I love being a nurse, and a nurse practitioner, but my greatest joy is being a ‘female CEO’ in a world that often goes against the grain. While I care for everyone, I believe family is the most important thing and should always come before business. As a mom, I feel a special connection to other women, all of the moms, wives, partners, and I find myself striving to help them succeed. It’s about balancing work and family, ensuring that moms and their children are well taken care of.”
I am proud to be CEO of Np2Go, Inc. and know that I have achieved one of my dreams with plans to go even further,” Kara said. “I often remind myself that I am the She E-O of the company, and I take pride in that,” she said with a laugh. She was thrilled to share the news that Np2Go has been voted the Best of 405 Weight Loss Clinic for 2024! “The people of Oklahoma put their trust in us and the recognition is truly an honor,” Kara commented.
When Kara is not working, she likes to spend time with her husband and three daughters, 12, 9, and 2.