2. bones that form the sides of the head
4. cheek bones
11. collar bone
12. bone that forms the back of the skull
13. bone that forms the forehead
15. another name for the cheek bones
16. bone of the cranium between the eyes
17. largest and strongest bone of the face
18. forms the bridge of the nose
20. inner and larger bone of the forearm
21. bones that form the sides and crown of the crainium
23. chest bones
25. forms the hard palate of the mouth
27. shouleder blade
28. connection between two or more bones
29. 12 pairs of bones in the chest
30. smaller bone of the forearm
1. 14 bones of the face
3. study of the bones
5. vertebraes in the neck region
6. forms part of the nasal septum
7. breastbone
8. bones of the palm
9. bones of the fingers (14)
10. small tin bones that supports tear ducts
11. oval,bony case that protects the brain
14. joins the bones of the cranium
17. upper jaw bones
19. large bone of the upper arm
22. fingers
24. bone that suuports the tongue
26. wrist ; 8 flexible guilding bones