Redlands Community College nursing students gain valuable experience in the campus’ simulation lab.

A common desire among nursing students is to help others.

A common desire among nursing students is to help others.
“I chose to pursue a career in nursing because of my innate desire to assist others in any way possible,” said Kassidy Brinlee, a Redlands nursing student and a student ambassador. “Witnessing my grandmother’s battle with dementia deeply impacted me and highlighted the importance of helping others facing similar challenges.”
Redlands Community College in El Reno, Okla., gives these students the start toward a successful and fulfilling career in the health care field where they impact the lives of patients and families every day. With a 100% job placement rate, Redlands offers a two-year degree program that prepares graduates to successfully take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) for licensure as a registered nurse and to enter the workforce immediately.
“The benefit of earning an associate degree in nursing at Redlands is that graduates are well-prepared for the licensure exam that will allow them to begin working quickly,” said Dr. Jalelah Abdul-Raheem, director of Redlands’ Nursing Program. “Once they have completed this stage, they are able to focus on their career as a registered nurse or continue their education at a university to earn a bachelor’s of nursing degree.”
Redlands has two nursing program options: the traditional RN program and a track for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). Students who are enrolled in the LPN-to-RN cohort earn articulation credits in the first semester, allowing them to graduate in three semesters instead of four. This helps get them out of the classroom and into the community where they can do the most good.
Hollye Edmonds has taken a different path to the nursing field. After spending 15 years as a pre-k teacher, Edmonds decided to pursue a new career that still allows her to help others.
Returning to school can be daunting, but Edmonds has found a supportive environment at Redlands. “From the beginning, I was offered help and guidance from enrolling in courses to securing financial aid when needed and every area in between. Redlands has made the process of being a student easy and has mapped out clear pathways to success and supports their students on their journey.”
Redlands is a solid, affordable choice for students because of the scholarships available as well as the personal attention and opportunities it provides. The college’s partnerships with several area health facilities provide students with challenging, hands-on experience during their clinical rotations.
“Fortunately, our location just outside of Oklahoma City gives our students the opportunity to serve in both rural and urban areas, exposing them to the different types of nursing care available and helping them figure out what is the best fit for them” Abdul-Raheem said.
After spending a decade in pre-hospital health care, Jeremy Pool was ready to expand his experience with a greater focus on patient care. He had previously earned an associate degree from Redlands as well as other medical certifications, so he wanted to complete the college’s nursing program.
“I find the staff very helpful and down to earth and my college credits transferred seamlessly here,” Pool said. “The faculty goes above and beyond to make sure you have the tools and resources to succeed in the program. They are with you every step of the way to answer questions, address problems or concerns, and assist with test taking strategies and note taking.”
With a Cooperative Arrangement Development Grant from Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institutions (NASNTI) Part A to support outreach and retention efforts and additional funding to update campus simulation labs, the Redlands Nursing Program is providing a high-quality learning experience led by dedicated and well-trained faculty.
“At Redlands, everyone is friendly, and the faculty is excited to be part of students’ lives,” said Dr. Abdul-Raheem. “We are committed to helping our nursing students succeed, and our faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting them throughout their time in the program.”
Pool agreed, saying “I feel the faculty I work with daily make an impact on my success in their own way. Professor Newell makes lectures and test prepping always engaging and interesting, while Danaee, my success coach, keeps me accountable of my work and gives me great advice on how to approach my test taking and time organization.”
The five-year cooperative grant is designed for Native American and low-income students and is 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Education as part of the NASNTI program.

Visit for more information and to apply for the program and scholarships. The scholarship application is due May 31.