Earlier this year when INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center achieved Pathway to Excellence re-designation for the third time from the American National Nurses Credentialing Center, Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt was invited to tour the hospital. On Thursday, June 26, he visited the facility for the first time and learned about some of the vital care and services provided to patients.
“I’m so glad I had this opportunity,” Holt said, “because I was kind of overwhelmed by the community focused, patient focused ethos here and getting to meet people who are obviously so passionate about this city, passionate about South OKC and passionate about their patients.”
Phil Harrop, the new chief hospital executive at INTEGRIS Health Southwest Medical Center, and Kara Rother, chief nursing officer, welcomed Mayor Holt and his Chief of Staff, Steve Hill. They toured three care areas – Jim Thorpe Rehab, the Emergency Department and the Oncology unit.
Harrop said, “While touring the emergency department, we discussed the complex needs of the patients we serve, the fantastic residency program we offer as well as how busy it is in terms of sheer numbers.” He added, “Our medical staff and caregivers were gracious in sharing about their departments, the unique needs of our patients, as well as some heartwarming stories of ways in which our team goes the extra mile.
“This is a group of people who really view themselves as a family,” said Holt. “There’s a lot of continuity here – a lot of stability. People really love this community, their patients and each other.”