Children’s Health Foundation is pleased to announce a $1000 gift from Walmart #3403 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to support the Early Foundations program for children with autism. Early Foundations is a program of the Oklahoma Autism Center that provides services designed to each child’s unique needs to prepare children with autism to enter pre-K with their same-aged peers. CHF celebrates Walmart’s generous partnership to sustain this essential program.
Oklahoma is currently facing a significant shortage of certified autism specialists, and families often face extended wait times or long-distance travel to have their children assessed and treated. To increase access and begin services as soon as possible, Early Foundations is open to any child with a developmental delay. The program is free of charge, has no income requirements, and does not require a diagnosis. Providing services as soon as a delay is identified improves long-term outcomes for children.
Early Foundations uses evidence-based interventions to serve children 18 months to age five. Children with autism often struggle to communicate and interact with peers. At Early Foundations, students learn these skills in an age-appropriate, early-learning environment. Goals include learning to communicate wants and needs and interacting with same-aged peers.
Children’s Health Foundation Executive Director Kathy McCracken says, “We are very grateful for the ongoing support of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs to ensure that critical programs like Early Foundations continue. With the support of Walmart #3403, children with autism in Oklahoma will have access to life-changing services as soon as possible. We are incredibly grateful for this gift that will help prepare children with autism to enter pre-K.”

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