New Admission Criteria
In our nearly 55-year history, OSU-OKC has committed itself to providing high-quality nursing education to help meet the workforce demands of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area and the state. Our graduates report a 100% job placement rate with starting salaries more than $52,000 per year. Future applicants to the program will notice a new pre-admission testing process and points structure, moving away from costly pre-admission testing requirements for students and placing a larger emphasis on science GPA, which has been revealed as the most consistent predictor of student success for graduation and successfully passing the NCLEX-RN licensure examination.

Career Ladder & Traditional
OSU-OKC welcomes LPNs and Paramedics looking for a pathway to being eligible for Registered Nurse licensure. With proof of active , state licensure and required prerequisite courses, LPNs and Paramedics will complete a transition course, then the final two courses in the program. Upon successful completion of the transition course, students are awarded 17 credit hours of advanced standing credit for their licensure. The coursework for this pathway is provided online. Students come to campus for testing, simulations, and laboratory experiences on Fridays. Students will complete clinical experiences on the weekends. This hybrid design was a the request of our program advisory committee to meet the needs of working adults.

Simulation Center
OSU-OKC boasts having one of the largest and most sophisticated simulation facilities in the metro area. Students will experience realistic hospital environments with simulation mannequins that can mimic human patients. The goal was to make the learning environment as close to an actual hospital as possible to increase students’ comfort when they enter our partners’ facilities and begin to take care of patients. This decreases student anxiety and boosts student confidence in their ability to care for patients.

Interprofessional Simulation
OSU-OKC nursing students, OSU-OKC paramedicine students, OSU-OKC diagnostic imaging, and OSU-Center for Health Sciences resident physicians come together to rescue, triage, and treat patients with a variety of injuries and illnesses. The goal is for these different group to learn to work together as they will in the actual healthcare arena. Student volunteers and staff take on the role of patients and may simulate suffering anything from a traumatic injury requiring being rescued by our paramedic students to a mental health crisis and any other healthcare emergency in between. Not only do students learn to work together as a team, but they will also learn to prioritize care based on the severity of the simulated patient.

FALL ADMISSION  Feb – April 1 * Traditional Students | April 1 – July 1 * Career Ladder Students
SPRING ADMISSION  July 1 – Sept 1 * Traditional Students | Sept 1 – Dec 1 * Career Ladder Students

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