What do you like about your favorite time of the day at HCR ManorCare Midwest City?

“At about 7 a.m., everybody is starting to wake up. The patients are happy to see me.  They get their morning meds and get started on therapy.” Amanda Miller, LPN

“I like the morning when everybody gets up and goes to breakfast. Everybody is scrambling around trying to get everybody up and get them ready. It’s all team work.” Trisha Allen, RN

“I love the mornings. And what I like about it is all the patients when they’re getting up are in good moods and I just love them. All of them are like my grandparents.” Jennifer Cunningham, LPN

“The afternoon. That’s when you can really get down to see your patients. It’s after the big med pass and you get to spend more time with them and get to know them better.” Michelle Lambertus, RN