Rosemary Klepper works as project/case manager for Canadian County Health Access Network and is instrumental in helping families find health care resources.

Awesome report. You recently published an article in regard to Rosemary Klepper and her retirement. Bravo to you! I was very fortunate to have graduated from the nursing program at El Reno Junior College in 1986. I was the only male student in my class. Rosemary Klepper was far more than an educator. She is a mother figure to me then and now. I still maintain contact with her and her family. I can promise you that I would not have completed the nursing program without the help of Rosemary and the Klepper family. My last year of nursing school started off poorly. I was living in a section of a mobile home. The rats would scratch on the walls every night often while I studied and definitely while I slept. Rosemary and her family allowed me to move into their home and I was able to comfortably finish my senior year. I can truly say they saved and changed my life. I now live in Ohio, and currently serve as Vice President of Clinical Services for a company that has 20 facilities and looking to grow. I serve on many State and National committees for quality. I help to improve the quality of care for my residents, patients, and workforce. You see, Rosemary Klepper had a profound influence on my education, nursing practice, and my life. Thank you, for the wonderful article.
Thomas Boyes RN-BC, AT, WCC, BA
Vice President of Clinical Quality Altercare of Ohio