Excellence in Nursing (L-R) Tony Sword, RN, Rachel Rajan, RN, Carolyn Calloway, RN, Brandy Simpson, RN, Holly Duke, RN, Ken Hill, RN

Every year at Deaconess, nurses are selected by their peers for the Nurse Exemplar Program. These nurses are viewed as top performers in the profession of nursing. In order to qualify for a nurse exemplar, the nurses are nominated based on strict criteria. The criteria for nomination includes leadership, role model, compassionate caregiver, community service, and significant contributions to the profession of nursing. All of the nurses at Deaconess work as an excellent nursing team and to be recognized at the top is a prestigious honor. The nurse exemplars are recognized throughout Deaconess in the months of April and May. During Hospital Week the nurse exemplars are additionally recognized at the annual service awards banquet. The Deaconess Nurse of the Year is selected from the exemplars. This top honor receives additional recognition and awards. The Nurse of the Year will be revealed on May 13, 2015 in the Deaconess Legacy Conference Room at 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
There are several benefits that will be given to the winner at the ceremony and throughout the year. “We have a nomination committee that reviews all the candidates and then selects the top performing nurses that have been nominated in all of the required categories. The nurse exemplars truly reflect the criteria for nursing excellence,” commented Jayne Thomas, Chief Nursing Officer. The following nurses were recognized for excellence in patient care and significant contributions to the profession of Nursing.
Holly Duke, RN (surgery) Holly is very knowledgeable, compassionate and has been at Deaconess over 25 years.
Stephen Pang, RN (Med-Surgery, Oncology) Working at Deaconess for 22 years, Stephen is never too busy to help his coworkers. He is respected by his peers and loved by his patients. (NP)
Brandy Simpson, RN (Birth Center) As an excellent educator, Brandy is always encouraging with a positive attitude. Brandy always shows the utmost respect and compassion to others.
Tony Sword, RN (Emergency Department) With a positive attitude, he treats his colleagues with courtesy and respect. Tony is a team manager with excellent leadership abilities and has worked in the ER for 9 years.
Megan Bainter, RN (Birth Center) Megan is an excellent charge nurse who delegates appropriately. She keeps the patients updated on the plan of care. (NP)
Ken Hill, RN (Emergency Department) Addresses the patients fears and concerns with his passion and professionalism. Ken also enjoys photography and has taken some award winning photos.
Rachel Rajan, RN (Emergency Department) Working as a nurse for 22 years, Rachel is a role model for hard work and is meticulous to the last detail. Rachel is a team player and always puts her patients first.
Carolyn Calloway, RN (Birth Center) Working in the Birth Center for 22 years, Carolyn is a gifted educator with an exceptional ability to communicate with physicians. Her care greatly impacts patients.
“I can’t speak highly enough of this exceptional group of nurses and I am very proud of the Deaconess family to be able to recognize the excellence of this nursing team,” Jayne Thomas proudly stated.