4. beat to beat variations of the FHR
6. use of pharmacologic agents that decreases pain perception
8. pressure sensitive devic inserted directly into the uterus to measure true intensity of contractions in mmHg abbr
10. abr. for artifical rupture of membranes
12. local anesthetic agent injected at the pudendal nerve to produce numbness of the lower 2/3 of the & perinuem, 2 words ——–X—–
14. cervical ripening agent (prostoglandin) that can be left in for 12 hours
15. increase in lbs. of maternal blood volume in pregnancy
16. the craving & eating of substances with little or no nutrional value
18. surgical incision into the perinuem to enlarge the vaginal opening
20. antiemetic often given with demerol, nubain, morphine

Assistant or Associate Professor of Pediatric Nursing

1. temporary loss of sensation of pain, or induced unconsciousness
2. assist birth by aplying suction to the fetal head, 2 words ——X———
3. mineral reguired for DNA & RNA synthesis, needed for cell development & fetal growth
5. fetal heart rate baseline < 110
7. often given for theraputic rest in a prodomial labor
9. stool softner often given after delivery
11. morphine injected into the spinal fluid, keeps pt pain free foe 24 hours
13. instilling fluid (LR) into the uterus to thin meconium or correct variable decelerations
17. instrument used to assist with birth of the feyus by providing traction or to rotate a fetal head
19. applied to fetal scalp(usually) to give direct reading of FHR abbr