Children’s Health Foundation announces a $40,000 grant from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation for the Early Foundations preschool program for children with autism. The grant will support the Early Foundations programs in Oklahoma, Cleveland, and Canadian counties. CHF celebrates OCCF’s partnership to sustain this essential program of the Oklahoma Autism Center.
Children ages six months to four years with autism attend Early Foundations to learn essential skills needed to enter pre-k with their peers. Children with autism often struggle to communicate and interact with others. Teachers work with kids using evidence-based treatments to gain the skills needed for school. The program also includes a Mother’s Morning Out two to three days a week during which children with autism play with their same-aged peers.
Children’s Health Foundation Executive Director Kathy McCracken said, “We are incredibly grateful for the support of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Early Foundations provides essential services for children that are often hard to find in Oklahoma. We have a shortage of autism specialists, and this program improves access to care for children and families in our state.”

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