story and photo by Vickie Jenkins, staff writer

At Integris Southwest Medical Center, you will find Tahereh Ryland Neal, RN. Full of love and compassion, as she cares for the patients. Tahereh feels like being a nurse is definitely her calling.

Southwest Medical Center is known for their exceptional care, with focus on specialized care and lifesaving treatment. Recognizing a remarkable nurse, is Tahereh Ryland Neal, RN whose dedication shines brightly. “My journey began as a nurse tech at Integris and now, I am proud to be an RN and I am deeply convinced that nursing in my calling.”
Tahereh’s childhood was spent in California and Colorado before settling in Oklahoma. When she was little, she wanted to be Wonder Woman. Tahereh thought she had powerful, bullet-deflecting bracelets, wearing a cape, feeling like a superhero, doing anything she put her mind to.
Tahereh’s first job in the medical field was a home health assistant for developmentally disabled clients. She enjoyed the client interaction and being able to assist the clients in their daily living tasks in addition to errands and outings with them. Later, she left that job to work for her parents in remodeling rent homes. She always remembered the interaction and friendships that were formed while she was in that role. Her next job in the medical field was when she started as a nurse tech for Integris, just finishing her first semester of nursing school. Having a job in the medical field, she gained a sense of confidence and paying close attention to the patient’s care.
She began her nursing journey at OCCC, setting her goals high. “As a 46 year old mother and wife, I made a significant career change at 42. It was a lot of determination and perseverance but the rewards were worth the effort. My husband, family and friends supported me in every way. Through various roles and job opportunities in the medical field, I finally found the career that I was made for.”
“During my time as a nurse tech, I had the privilege of rotating through various hospitals, exploring various roles and opportunities, discovering which field was best for me. Currently, I work on the oncology floor. I consider myself a leader and a follower; I enjoy being part of a team, learning from others in a supportive role. However, I’m also comfortable taking the lead when I have the experience in a particular area. Having experienced both roles, I appreciate the unique perspectives and expectations each offers,” Tahereh explained.
When asked about her favorite part of being a nurse, Tahereh responded, “The most rewarding part for me is the opportunity to make a positive impact on peoples’s lives. I thrive connecting with others and knowing that I played a role in their journey to better health, whether through physical care or emotional support. It’s gratifying to witness patients navigating their challenges with resilience, knowing I helped them in their journey.”
During nursing school, Tahereh didn’t have a designated mentor but she formed meaningful connections with her peers.“I am truly thankful for the guidance I received during those interactions. As a nurse tech, I was fortunate to have several nurses who shared their knowledge with me. It’s remarkable how people in the workplace can mentor another, demonstrating not just professionalism but also wisdom gained through years of experience.”
Tahereh holds herself to high standards as a nurse, expressing compassion for others. She feels privileged to work with incredible nurses and caregivers. Despite the occasional stress, she responds with composure and patience, finding grace in challenging situations.
When asked about her biggest reward as a nurse, Tahereh replied, “My greatest reward is a sense of accomplishment that I feel each day when I leave work, knowing I met with new experiences and challenges. I’m proud to be a nurse, making sure to work hard and do my best.”
Tahereh cherishes spending time with her family, indulging in hobbies such as dancing, cooking, traveling, home remodeling, gardening, and music. She finds her favorite place is anything concerning water sports.
A heartfelt thank you to all the nurses at Integris. As a child Tahereh wanted to be Wonder Woman but she now knows that a nurse doesn’t need to wear a cape or powerful, bullet-deflecting bracelets to feel like a superhero. Nurses have boundless compassion and dedication, making them all true superheroes capable of anything they set their minds to.

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