Licia McCurdy, B.S. LPN

by Licia McCurdy, B.S. LPN

When a great disappointment happens in life, we often feel it’s the end of something. The thought of something ending carries with it a negative connotation. I believe this to be true because in life there’s no such thing as a beginning without an end. Endings can be hard and they can be sad. They can come unexpectedly like a sharp turn in the road or linger on and on. Nevertheless; they happen, and if a beginning must always have an end than an ending must always have a beginning. Such is life and this is its wondrous yet grueling process.
Adapting to change is one of life’s greatest challenges. It’s human nature to be creatures of habit. Our lack of faith in ourselves prevents us from easing into the changes that are inevitable. It’s only when we learn to “let go” that we become open and adaptive to change. When something ends there has to be a resolution. Without a satisfactory mind, body and spirit resolution, an ending will not yield its proper beginning. The path to resolution is as unique for us as our own DNA.
In every way that matters, we ask ourselves what would happen if we lost a part of who we are. What we don’t realize is that we’ve become bits and pieces of “things” that we’ve made more important than we are to ourselves. In other words, we are more “active” in participating in our endings than focusing on our beginnings. It’s easier to surrender to disappointment than to live by faith but it’s not courageous. We lose our power when we allow this to happen. We become master manipulators of our own minds by creating illusions that enable a justification for toxicity.
Aristotle once said that “contemplation is the highest form of activity.” I perceive this as our own inner voice or self-dialogue. If you could imagine a life where there were no excuses, where the foundation of all negative, self-destructive thoughts didn’t exist. What would be left? I imagine there would be a great shift in energy. An alignment would create a platform for a NEW and INSPIRED life. The “original nature” of who we were meant to be would re-emerge and be free once again. The “ending” would no longer be dwelled upon in a negative way. Its beginning would be anticipated with passion and excitement, being open to everything while having faith and fearing nothing.