The Fastest-Growing Program at SNU

The traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is the fastest-growing program at SNU! Since 1982, Southern Nazarene University’s Liberal Arts-based program has been preparing well-rounded graduates to work as professional nurses in today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced healthcare environment.
Given the increasing complexity of patients in a rapidly transforming healthcare system, preparing nurses to enter the profession and be successful in the field is vital. A goal of the university and the SNU School of Nursing (SON) is to prepare nurses to be servant leaders, focusing on the growth and well-being of the people and the communities where they live and work. Feedback from employers about SNU graduates include that they are well prepared, compassionate, caring, and have a drive to learn how to best take care of their patients. SNU graduates embody the philosophy of the School of Nursing, which can be summarized in the words “THINK. DO. LOVE!”
“To be a part of the SNU School of Nursing is to be part of a family. There are many great characteristics that the SNU SON encompasses. The faculty advocate for students and make us feel valued. We are fortunate enough to attend a nursing program that not only helps us become great nurses, but also well-rounded people. “I feel confident that my education at SNU has equipped me to serve others and lead in love. There is so much compassion that is felt while attending the SNU School of Nursing.” ~ Student Nurses’ Association President and Senior Nursing Student, Ciara Lackey.
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