1. pertaining to the heart
5. agent to prevent or delay blood clots
8. surgical excision of blood clot
9. decreased blood flow to a body part
12. acute infection caused by Epstein-Barr virus
13. irregular, random contraction of heart fibers
14. pertaining to the cerebrum
16. plastic or restorative surgery on a valve
19. enlargement of the spleen
21. bursting forth of blood
22. small arteries
23. muscular layer of heart
24. brain damage from interruption of blood supply
25. tumor of thymus gland

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2. enlarged heart
3. accumulation of fatty substances in walls of arteries
4. layer lining heart and heart valves
6. tumor of lymphatic vessels
7. wall or partition dividing body space or cavity
10. low oxygen content
11. endovascular procedure reopening narrowed blood vessels
15. higher than normal blood pressure
17. dilation of a vessel caused by weakness
18. Fibrous sac enclosing heart
20. irregularity or loss of rhythm of heartbeat