What do you thing about the intergenerational program at Willow Creek Health Care?

“I think it’s a really great program. And I like to see the little kids up here. They interact really well with the residents.” Timber Scheihing, CMA

“I think it’s great. The residents here love it. They love it when the kids come up to them and hug them and call them grandma or grandpa.” Naomi McManamy, CNA

“When I was a little kid my mom made me go to nursing homes and I was afraid of old people for a long time. So I think this gets them accustomed to loving them and respecting them and not being afraid of them.” Jessica Defiore, CNA

“I think it’s a wonderful program. It brings an energy to our building that we wouldn’t have otherwise. The residents in the summer when the children are gone, even if they’re not verbal you can tell a difference.” Tracy Thornton, social services