What do you enjoy most about working for Mercy? Mercy Hospital oncology

“We have the ability to minister to the spiritual side of patient care. And so I think that has been the most rewarding as far as working for Mercy specifically.” Kim Womack, RN, clinical advocate

“I enjoy being able to take care of my patients and being able to be with them during some of the lowest points in their life. And then the family atmosphere that we have with our coworkers.” Kristin Biggerstaff, RN, charge nurse

“I like to take care of people who are sick. Bed side nursing. I feel happy after I work and do something for people.” Loosy Joseph, RN

“I’ve been here just about a month, but I really enjoy working with the staff here. They’ve been really helpful in getting me squared away and up to speed to be on my own pretty soon.” Erin Moulton, RN