Miranda Cash

Caring for the people of Watonga always has been a top priority for Miranda Cash.
“This is my home,” Cash said. “I was born and raised in Watonga, and I’ve always felt that God has allowed me to give back to the community through medicine.”
As an advanced practice registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner, Cash specializes in caring for patients at Mercy Hospital Watonga. Through Mercy’s telemedicine program, she plays an important role in relaying patient information to physicians using a TV screen with two-way audio and video technology.
“I really act as the doctor’s eyes and ears in the room,” Cash said. “Because physicians interact with patients through a television screen, they rely on me to observe and interact with the patients to help provide important details about the kind of care they need.”
Mercy began investing in advanced telemedicine capabilities more than a decade ago, allowing patients in rural communities easy access to specialists and physicians. Last year, Mercy opened the world’s first virtual care center in Missouri that includes a team of doctors dedicated to seeing patients within the hospital around the clock.
“This program is saving lives and giving people in the community the kind of care they need,” Cash said. “I am fortunate to be able to play such an impactful role in their lives.”
Cash has more than two decades of experience in nursing. She said she is passionate about rural health care and about providing the best possible care to her neighbors.
“People in rural areas can face different issues than those who live in cities and towns,” Cash said. “A trip to a specialist’s office can take hours when you factor in the travel time. With telemedicine, we are able to provide the same care right here at home.”