“Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Compassion” author Gregory Boyle will speak at OKC Town Hall Thursday, April 21 at 10:30 am at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 222 NW 15th Street. His Homeboy Industries, located in Los Angeles, is the largest job creation program targeting gang intervention program in the country offering job training, tattoo removal and employment to members of enemy gangs.
Boyle is an ordained priest and received his BA from Gonzaga University and his MA from Loyola Marymount and has obtained many Theology Degrees. His book which addresses the escalating problems and unmet needs of gang-related youths was named Best Books of 2010 by Publishes Weekly. He has received many awards including California Peace Prize, The Caring Institute’s Caring People Award, The Harmony with Hope Award and The Civic Medal of Honor. Considering that he has buried 150 young people from gang-related violence, his joyful tenor remains an astounding example of true leadership.
Individual lecture tickets are $25 and are available at the door. Student groups of 20 or more are $10 per student and $25 per adult. Group reservations are due by April 14 by calling 202-4262. Balcony seating only. Space is limited. Luncheon with the speaker immediately follows the lecture for $16. Luncheon reservation information is available by calling 405-755-2362. For more information visit www.okctownhall.com.