Where can you learn CPR free of charge?
We get calls all the time asking where people can get a free CPR class, and I am tasked with telling people that they won’t find a free class for those whose employment or educational facility requires certification. I usually explain that AHA materials are costly (and mandatory) for every participant, and the fee the instructor (or company) must pay for those materials account for about half of the fee charged for a given class. Since 99% of those asking must have the classes for certification, that’s the end of the conversation.
Some agencies have received grants enabling them to purchase the necessary supplies to teach the most basic class, often called “CPR for Family & Friends”, in communities; other groups have other revenue streams so this type of course keeps employees already on the payroll busy and their teaching skills sharp, maybe on a monthly or quarterly basis. These very basic classes have different requirements than certification classes and allows instructors to teach a far greater number of students at once, which also means less overhead cost. Even these very basic classes have become harder and harder to find without charge, probably due to fewer grants being awarded for community education opportunities. If you are one of the few that simply wants to learn CPR for your own peace of mind and don’t need a certification card, we have just the ticket!
Heartland CPR has developed a short PowerPoint-based class covering basic First Aid and hands-only CPR. We offer what we call “First Aid 4 Dummies” (FA4D) to the public free of charge on a recurring basis. We rolled out this program initially to capitalize on “CPR Awareness Week” in June. Putting it on is costly for our business, so we can only offer it without charge once annually. We will make nothing by offering it and will utilize our facility, equipment, instructors, and expertise; it’s just our way of giving back to a community that has allowed us to be successful since 2003.
Mark your calendars for Monday, June 3, at 9 am. The next of these classes will be offered at our new office location near NW 122nd & MacArthur. There is no catch…this is a free class offered to those who wish to learn simple steps they can take to respond in emergency situations and potentially save lives. Instead of charging for this valuable training, we will be accepting donations for the Regional Food Bank, so please bring a canned food or non-perishable food item with you. Since we have to know how many supplies to prepare, you must pre-register and can self-register online at https://www.heartlandcpr.com/, by contacting Heartland CPR via email “[email protected]” or calling by phone at 405-603-6666…simply let us know your name, email address, phone number, and the number planning to attend. That’s it!
Remember, this is not for certification and targeted at those wishing to learn for their own peace of mind; if you are required to take a class for your employer or education requirements, this is not the class you need (although we can still help you there). Thanks for your interest in Heartland CPR!
Direct link: https://www.heartlandcpr.com/freecprclass.html