1. A yellow pigment derived from hemoglobin release with the breakdown of RBCs.
3. Initiation of breathing is stimulated by the clamping of the ______________ which causes a rise in BP which increases lung perfusion
4. 37 weeks gestation is considered what?
6. A protective mechanism that allows the infants to become accustomed to environmental stimuli.
9. Ophthalmia neonatorum is an inflammation of the eyes resulting from an infection when passing through the birth canal of a mother who has what STD.
11. The removal of the male foreskin.
13. Type of adipose tissue that is unique to newborns?
16. Touching the infants lip or cheek with the nipple will elicit the ____________ reflex.
18. The maintenance of balance between heat loss and heat production.
19. A term newborn heart rate of 120 is considered ___________.
2. Nasal flaring, retractions and grunting when expiring are sign of _______________ distress.
5. If the baby does not void within 48 hours of birth the doctor may suspect __________ impairment.
6. A newborn BP of 110/70 is indicative of ____________.
7. A generalize edematous area of the scalp most commonly found on the occiput.
8. Greater than 60 respirations per minute.
10. A ____ ________ is used to suction the baby’s airway.
12. Wrapping of the baby in a blanket.
14. Stools while in utero.
15. _________ is clearly visible when bilirubin levels reach 5 to 7 mg/dl
17. The ______ score permits a rapid assessment of the need for resuscitation of the neonate.