Identical twins, Savannah Blasdel, RN and Jessicah Blasdel, RN cause people to take a double look everywhere they go.

RN’s Give Double Dose of TLC at Deaconess ER

by Vickie Jenkins

Meet Savannah and Jessicah Blasdel, both RN’s at Deaconess hospital, working in the ER. It is true what they say about some twins finishing each other’s sentences or speaking at the same time, which happened while interviewing them. Identical twins in the ER, sounding alike, looking alike, both dressed in blue scrubs can be a little puzzling to some people. It is easy to see why some of their co-workers, patients and even doctors get them confused sometimes, especially when these two RN’s work the same shift. “The patients get us mixed up all the time,” says Savannah. “When we first started working in the ER, some of the other nurses didn’t know there were two of us.” she adds. “Even the doctors were surprised when we were working the same shift. They thought we were very busy,” Jessicah says with a laugh.
Savannah and Jessicah have been best friends for their 22 years. They were in the same classes in elementary school and pretty much all through high school and nursing school at UCO. “We do everything together,” they say in unison. Both Savannah and Jessicah became RN’s in January 2015 and knew they wanted to work in the emergency room at Deaconess. I asked them why they wanted to begin their nursing career in the ER. They both like the fast-pace of handling situations under pressure and emergency situations. They both agreed that they like taking care of patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly.
“What advice would you give to someone going into the medical field?” I ask them. Savannah gives the advice, “Don’t be too hard on yourself and make sure it is a job that you want.” Jessicah says, “expect the unexpected. You never know what is going to happen next.” Asking what their strongest asset is, Savannah replies, “I can stay calm in any situation, especially emergency situations.” Jessicah says she learns quickly, which is a real need in the ER.” Both Savannah and Jessicah agree that each patient that comes into the ER should be treated equally, no matter what their background is or what their believes are.
“Savannah, in your opinion, what makes a good nurse?” “I think a good nurse needs to be compassionate, caring and understanding at all times.” “What about you Jessicah, what makes a good nurse?” “I think a nurse needs to treat everyone like they are equal, treating them with kindness and respect.” Between the two of them, Savannah and Jessicah make one fantastic team!
Savannah’s favorite thing about being a nurse is the fact that she is caring and understanding, helping the patients with any and everything they need. She likes the challenge of it all and the interaction that happens between herself and her patient. Jessicah likes helping the patients and caring for them, knowing that she has done her best as a nurse. “Savannah, how would you describe Jessicah in 3 words?” “I would describe Jessicah as kind, compassionate and a little more outgoing than me,” she says with a smile. “Jessicah, how would you describe Savannah?” “She is quiet, fun and easy-going.”
In their spare time, Savannah and Jessicah do weight lifting and enjoy walking and jogging. They graduated from Edmond North High School and both have the musical ability of playing the violin. Working as nannies was enjoyable for them. Now, they share an apartment with their new rescue puppy, a Chihuahua mix named Layla. Savannah and Jessicah like the same kind of music, everything from Country, Christian and Pop. Their favorite restaurant is PappaDeaux Seafood Kitchen in Texas but they love all kinds of seafood. Asking what their favorite TV show is, they both reply, Friends.
“What is the most rewarding thing about being a nurse and working here at Deaconess?” I ask. “We enjoy helping the patients and talking with the family members knowing that we make a difference. It is nice to see the patients get better, knowing that we had a part in the patient feeling better,” Savannah replies. “We love our job,” Jessicah adds. “Would you say there are any advantages to being a twin?” I ask. “We always have someone to talk to and share things with,” Savannah says. ‘Everything is twice as fun,” Jessicah adds.
If you ever find yourself in the ER at Deaconess, you may see Savannah doing what she does best, caring for the patients. Oh wait, that might be Jessicah that you see. Probably both of them.