Early November was a milestone as Norman Regional Primary Care – Purcell opened its doors and welcomed its first patients.
This is Norman Regional Health System’s southernmost clinic. It currently serves as the home of Marvin Harvey, MD, a dedicated board-certified family medicine physician, with Tracy Parker, APRN, FNP-C set to join later this year.

Primary Care Purcell and More Health Services

Our commitment to expanding healthcare in the ‘Heart of Oklahoma’ doesn’t stop there – other specialties such as OB/GYN, Orthopedics, X-ray, Cardiology and General Surgery Consultations will also be practiced out of our new space starting in early 2024.
Norman Regional Primary Care Purcell Laboratory Services are currently available and perform a wide variety of tests to assist physicians in the diagnosis, treatment and management of disease and illness. In most cases, lab results are available on the same day.

Why Establish Care with a Primary Care Provider?

Your Primary Care Provider is not just a doctor; they become a partner in your health journey. They are adept at preventive care, identifying subtle changes in your health, managing complex medical issues, and coordinating your care across various specialties. Here are some key benefits of having a primary care provider:
Prevention: A Primary Care Provider helps you stay current with screenings, vaccines and offers guidance on lifestyle changes, aiming to prevent chronic illnesses.
Comprehensive Care: They’re trained to notice signs of issues such as depression, fatigue, or memory problems, often before you are aware of them.
Coordination of Care: They manage referrals to specialists while ensuring cohesive and effective treatment plans.
Quicker, Accurate Diagnoses: Through a deep understanding of your medical history, they can often diagnose health conditions earlier, leading to better outcomes.
Time and Cost Efficiency: Regular visits to a Primary Care Provider save time and money, as they can promptly address emerging health concerns, potentially preventing costly health emergencies.
Comfort and Trust: A strong patient-physician relationship encourages open communication, making it easier to discuss sensitive health issues.
We’re pleased to introduce our providers at Norman Regional Primary Care – Purcell.
Meet Dr. Marvin Harvey
Dr. Harvey brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our new practice. His dedication to family medicine stems from a personal experience with life-changing family doctors.
Specializing in asthma, blood pressure management, COPD, and diabetes, Dr. Harvey values individualized, patient-centered care and is ready to guide you on your path to a healthier life.
Introducing Advanced Nurse Practitioner Tracy Parker
Tracy boasts an impressive 29 years in healthcare, specializing in family medicine. Tracy’s commitment to holistic care and personalized attention is the cornerstone of his practice. With interests in acute injury, allergies, preventative medicine and more, Tracy is dedicated to supporting your unique health needs.
Both Dr. Harvey and Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Tracy Parker, are now accepting new patients.
Norman Regional Primary Care – Purcell is located at 2320 N. 9th Avenue in Purcell.
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