A registered nurse is the caregiver patients see most during a hospital stay, and the quality and competence of nursing staff directly affects the quality of care and overall patient experience. Oklahoma Heart Hospital takes care of the team that takes care of patients.
“Our mission is serving the state and leading the nation,” said Cindy Miller, RN, MSN, who serves as Director of Transformation for OHH. “We serve every county in Oklahoma plus many surrounding states, and we’ve also had patients travel from other countries. I think it goes without saying this is the place to work if you want to take good care of people.”
The nurse externship and internship programs at OHH help build skills and confidence for new nurses. A low nurse-to-patient ratio and nursing pod layout enable nurses to provide exceptional patient care, and the collaborative culture gives every employee a voice in shaping patient care.

Learning Opportunities for New Nurses

The OHH nurse extern program is a fantastic opportunity for hands-on learning prior to the final year of nursing school. Full-time winter and summer externships are available, as well as non-traditional externship opportunities when needed. Some externs continue with part-time employment at OHH during their final year of school.
Recent graduates can apply to any open RN position at OHH and will be paired with a preceptor for 6-12 weeks of customized training for their specific role to ensure new nurses have the skills and confidence needed to provide outstanding patient care.
“They’re willing to educate, teach you, and show you because they know what it’s like to be in your shoes,” said Alex Greenhoward, a nurse in the PCCU. “I’ve never felt afraid to ask anybody for help. That’s big for me. It’s hard being new in an always-changing environment and not knowing who you can go to when you need help.”

Low Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

Nurses benefit from working in a place that builds them up and puts their skill and knowledge to use. Nurses have a maximum of four patients at one time in general nursing, and as few as one or two patients in critical care units.
“The patient is the center of everything we do, and that’s important for nurses to know that they are making a difference,” Miller said. “We have the best nurse-to-patient ratios probably in the nation. That’s a big commitment to allow for better patient care and job satisfaction for our nurses.”
Designed by its physician owners, OHH’s two hospital locations use a nursing pod layout with patient rooms clustered around each nursing station. This intentional design plus fully stocked supplies in each room help streamline patient care and save time for nurses.

Collaborative Culture to
Shape Patient Care

OHH is big on communication and teamwork, and that results in high-quality, individualized care for each patient. The entire staff – including doctors, nurses, and members of the allied health and support staff teams – collaborates to continuously improve patient care. This enables nurses to care for patients in a responsive, timely manner rather than wait for approval or assistance for routine patient needs. Nurses also play a key role in creating new policies and procedures to shape the future of patient care.

Competitive Benefits and
Continuing Education

OHH takes care of its team members with a competitive benefits package that includes signing bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and much more. These benefits help attract and retain a talented, well-educated nursing staff. Continuing education supports each individual’s career goals and ensures the team is current on the latest information and techniques in patient care.
Nursing team members at OHH also love the self-scheduling approach that gives them the flexibility they need to balance work and life.
Oklahoma Heart Hospital is physician owned and designed by cardiologists. With two hospital locations and 60+ clinics across the state, OHH provides outstanding cardiovascular care to patients throughout Oklahoma and patients who travel from across the country. Learn more about nursing opportunities at OHH at