Bri Liggens, LPN is also a Certified Compliance Professional Trainer (CCP) and performs x-rays at Integris Health Family Care Council Crossings in OKC.

story and photo by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Integris Health Family Care Council Crossings is where the physicians provide complete care for families. With a full range of specialties, their highly trained physicians will care for all of your health care needs.
Among the friendly nurses, you will find Bri Liggens, LPN, Certified Compliance Professional Trainer (CCP) who also performs x-rays. Bri brings six years of nursing experience to the team and has been a part of this facility for one year.
“After spending five years at OU Medical Center and a float at Saint Anthony Hospital, I must admit, I prefer working here at Integris Health due to its smaller scale. With five outstanding physicians and a supportive team, we all get along well and always have each other’s backs. Working with a smaller number of patients allows us to truly get to know them, allowing them to put their trust in our care,” Bri commented.
Raised in Lawton, OK, Bri comes from a military family, when both her father and mother served. Considered herself a ‘military brat’ she feels fortunate to have stayed in Lawton since her parents retired from the Army. However, her two older brothers weren’t as lucky; with her mother as an army nurse and her father in the medical field, they were stationed several places, resulting in constant moves for them. One brother was born in Germany and the other in Colorado. “I see myself as a bit of a matriarch, holding things together with my family, especially with my brothers,” she laughed. “Someone has to keep us all in line.”
“From the time I was a little girl, while other girls dreamed of being princesses or ballerinas, I wanted to become an anesthesiologist. Despite my mothers insistence, my mother was set on me following in her footsteps as a nurse, but I remained steadfast in my ambition. Excelling in math throughout college, I obtained a degree in the subject and initially pursued a career as a math teacher. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that teaching math wasn’t my lifelong passion. That’s when I decided to make nursing my career. Today, here I am, fulfilling that dream. I am proud to be a nurse! While my mother would have initially preferred nursing for me from the beginning, I’ll remember her words, ‘I told you so,’ followed by, ‘your father and I are proud of you,’ indicated their support for my choice.”
Bri chose nursing because of her genuine support of care for others and witnessing the positive outcomes. She believes that every nurse should embody qualities of respect, responsibility, and ownership in their work. Being considerate of patients, nurses need to be considerate of patients’ emotions, treating each individual with the respect they deserve. Bri finds fulfillment in advocating for patients, providing them with the extra support they need during their healthcare journey.
When asked for advice on someone entering the medical field, Bri emphasized the importance of compassion. “I advise aspiring individuals that healthcare is truly where their heart lies and that they have a genuine desire to help others. I know there will be challenges and moments of doubt but know that perseverance will pay off.”
Asking Bri to describe herself overall, she replied, “I consider patience as my strongest strength. I’m kind to others, happy and responsible. I like to show others that I sincerely care about them. I show compassion with a smile.”
Bri has set a goal to become a nurse practitioner with her doctorate within the next five years. She sets out with determination and drive, and it is known, when Bri sets her sights on a goal, its evident she’ll receive it. “Hopefully, there will be opportunities for nurse practitioner available here at Integris Health,” she smiled.
Recently, Bri was honored the Press Ganey Excellence Award from Integris Health. This is given as the Pinnacle of Excellence for Patient Experience for maintaining consistently high levels of excellence.
Bri enjoys a variety of hobbies, including family barbecues, game nights, Bingo with her mom, and watching scary movies. She also likes four-wheeling with her husband. Bri considers herself an official dog mom as she enjoys playing with her three dogs.

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