3. Campaign to reduce mortality among first year dialysis patients
5. Prevents the spread of infection
7. A semipermeable membrane fused for dialysis
8. Chronic Kidney Disease stage 5
9. Food high in potassium
10. Early sign of kidney disease with diabetes
11. Hormone produced by the kidney for red blood cells
13. Nephrotoxic drug
14. Severe calcium and phosphorus imbalance
17. Oxygen delivery in the body
20. Phosphate binder
21. Renal nurse professionals
1. Internal dialysis access
2. Food high in phosphorus
4. Muscle breakdown
6. Means the same as acute renal failure
12. Kidney produces and regulates this to buffer acid
15. Treat hyperkalemia by moving K into the cells
16. Assess patient post dialysis to prevent this risk
18. Nephrology quality outcome guidelines
19. Organ sharing network