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The University of Central Oklahoma is ranked as a top institution in Oklahoma for its RN to B.S., Nursing track according to RNCareers in its eighth annual Nursing School Awards.
This ranking affirms the exceptional quality and prominence in nursing education at Central and reflects the unwavering commitment to excellence in nursing education and remarkable achievements in producing top-tier nursing professionals.
The evaluation processes encompassed more than 1,700 nursing schools nationwide, RNCareers assessed critical standards such as student outcomes, teaching effectiveness, nursing school reputation and program offerings. UCO’s consistent dedication to these fundamental aspects has elevated its status to one of the top-ranking programs in Oklahoma.
Jeff Morrow, publisher at RNCareers, commended the institution, stating, “In a field distinguished by high-quality institutions, UCO has demonstrated exceptional prowess through its robust curriculum and outstanding graduate success. This recognition not only lauds the faculty’s exemplary teaching skills but also underscores the remarkable potential and dedication of UCO students, who are integral to the program’s success.”
The RN to B.S., Nursing track at UCO is designed for registered nurses aspiring to elevate their education while managing professional and personal commitments. The 100% online program allows completion in as little as two semesters, accommodating both part- and full-time schedules.
“We are honored to receive this distinction,” said Leann Laubach, Ph.D., UCO Department of Nursing chairperson.
“Our faculty work hard to ensure student success in all our programs and tracks. We recognize that students in the RN to B.S. track have many options when returning for their bachelor’s degree, and we appreciate those who choose UCO.”
Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), UCO stands as a beacon of excellence in nursing education with a legacy spanning more than fifty years. Renowned for producing highly skilled nurses, UCO’s nursing programs epitomize innovation and embrace cutting-edge technology, catering to both traditional and non-traditional students. Offering bachelor’s to master’s degrees, these programs align with society’s critical healthcare demands while nurturing future leaders in nursing. UCO’s nursing programs proudly hold approval from the Oklahoma State Board of Nursing, further solidifying the institution’s esteemed status.
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