Stephanie Grimes, RN

Received her ADN from Redlands Community College, BSN from UCO, certification for PALS, HCS-D and ACLS.

Stephanie Grimes is a registered nurse at Carter Healthcare in Oklahoma City.

story by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Among the exceptional nurses and staff members at Carter Healthcare, you will find Stephanie Grimes, RN. Known for her compassion and friendly demeanor, Stephanie always goes the extra mile to assist patients and colleagues alike.
Stephanie’s upbringing took her to various parts of Oklahoma; Pauls Valley, Union City, El Reno and then Yukon. “When I was younger, the idea of becoming a nurse never crossed my mind. My aspirations leaned towards modeling, and my mom even took me to see what it was all about. However, walking in and seeing a multitude of others girls, gathered there for the same reason, it made me realize the path of modeling wasn’t for me,” she said with a laugh. “Later, I focused on a career where I would serve a purpose, making a difference in others’ lives. What better career than nursing? I love being a nurse and have enjoyed it for the last 30 years.”
Over the years, Stephanie has contributed her expertise at various institutions including Parkview Hospital in El Reno, as a school nurse in El Reno Public schools, at Integris in Yukon, with Mays Home Healthcare and she has been a valued member of the Carter Healthcare team for nine years. (stpory continues below)

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“Being a nurse is such a rewarding job. I’ve worked in difference medical facilities, taking care of different age groups but I enjoy working with the older patients the most. It’s as though they become part of my family. It takes a lot of patience, a willingness to learn and a positive attitude from me and the patient. Sometimes, the older ones just want someone to given them a smile and a listening ear. At times, their stories are told over and over but that’s okay because it makes them happy. I think it’s good therapy for both of us. I have a big heart for others, knowing that I am making a difference in their lives,” Stephanie explained.
Carter Healthcare is a leading healthcare provider focused on delivering the highest quality of Home Health, Hospice, At-Home, At Home Medical Equipment and Pharmacy Services to thousands of clients in the comfort of their home. Overall, there are 121 nurses with 88 nurses in Oklahoma.
There are certain qualities that a caregiver needs to possess. Flexibility is all about being able to accommodate the patients. Honesty and trustworthy are indispensable. Time management is important as a caregiver, following a schedule involving dedicated times for medications and making sure the patient’s needs are met.
Stephanie is an outstanding nurse, receiving her ADN from Redlands Community College, BSN from UCO, certification for PALS, HCS-D and ACLS. Stephanie was recognized as the Employee of the month for August 2019, and also mentors the new nurses at Carter Healthcare.
“I usually have a set schedule but that can change at the last minute depending on the patient’s needs or when an emergency might arise. Whether it is wound care, infusions, teaching the patient how to stay focused on getting better or just being with a patient for moral support, I am there to care for my patient,” Stephanie commented.
Home healthcare duties transport Stephanie from OKC to Yukon, Edmond, Bethany or Guthrie, ensuring she delivers her nursing services with the utmost professionalism and dedication.
When asking Stephanie what advice would she give to someone that is thinking of becoming a nurse, she replied, “I would tell them that they need to have a real desire to help others. The nursing field offers a multitude of opportunities across various specialties, providing endless avenues for exploration. While it can be challenging at times, the rewards make it all worthwhile.”
Stephanie had a mentor before becoming a nurse. “While attending school for my associate’s degree, there was a clinical instructor who initially seemed tough on me, and I encountered my fair share of struggles. However, as time passed, I came to admire her greatly, feeling as though she had taken me under her wing. Through her excellent teaching, I learned a great deal and now consider her a true mentor. It’s remarkable how certain individuals can leave a lasting impact on us.”
When asked to describe herself in three words, Stephanie replied with, “Honest, dependable and caring.” These qualities undoubtedly suit her perfectly.
In Stephanie’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three grown children, and her seven grandchildren, ages 5 through 16. She also has four cats and two schnauzers, all rescue pets.

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