AWHONN Releases First eBook on Fetal Heart Monitoring Practices

The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) announces the release of their first eBook: the fifth revision of “Fetal Heart Monitoring: Principles and Practices.” Fetal heart monitoring is an important method of assessing the health of an unborn baby during pregnancy, labor and delivery.
The new eBook includes revised comprehensive content focused on the physiologic principles of fetal heart monitoring and uterine monitoring, interpretation of patterns, physiologic interventions for fetal tracing characteristics, assessment of fetal oxygenation and acid-base status, and antenatal methods.
This new edition is a great resource to use in a perinatal setting and nurses’ library. The information takes a physiologic approach to fetal heart monitoring to assist perinatal clinicians in developing a systematic and consistent approach to fetal heart monitoring. The content is presented in a digital form making it easier to access. It can also be downloaded to a computer, tablet, smartphone or any other kind of digital reading device. A print version of the book also is available.
“More than 200,000 health care professionals have been educated in AWHONN’s fetal heart monitoring courses. This new eBook edition of ‘Fetal Heart Monitoring: Principles and Practices’ is a milestone in the development of AWHONN’s key educational resources,” said AWHONN CEO, Lynn Erdman, MN, RN, FAAN. “An eBook also allows valuable information to be easily accessible to nurses who are seeking material about best practices for perinatal care.”
Additionally, nurses interested in expanding their knowledge of fetal heart monitoring can sign up for AWHONN’s Fetal Heart Monitoring courses and earn educational contact hours. Ninety-seven percent of students who participated in the program stated it would improve their ability to care for patients. For more information about AWHONN’s Fetal Health Monitoring program, please visit