Oklahoma Board of Nursing Looking for Nursing Education Consultant

The Oklahoma Board of Nursing is looking to hire a Nursing Education Consultant.
“This is not a new position. It’s one we’ve had for a long time, and the person that is currently in the position is retiring” said Michael Starchman, RN, CPA, and Deputy Executive Director for the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.
Starchman said the Nursing Education Consultant is primarily a telecommute position, but with required attendance at OBN meetings and other agency functions. “The position covers the whole state,” he said. (story continues below)

OK Board of Nursing Seeking Nurse Education Consultant

Starchman said the Nursing Education Consultant is in direct alignment with their mission of public protection through nursing regulation.
“This person is the agency representative interfacing with the nursing education programs in the Career Techs, colleges, and universities across the state,” he said. “This person provides guidance to the programs on the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act and Rules to assist them in graduating competent nurses.” Part of the role is to visit the programs and conduct surveys. For example, if a new program is being started, there are requirements that the school must meet to be in compliance with the statutes. The nursing education consultant would provide guidance with that process. This role also requires involvement in different committees and consortiums relating to nursing education in Oklahoma.”
Starchman said the ideal candidate will hold a master’s degree in nursing, preferably nursing education, and need to have at least four years of experience in an administrative role in a nursing education program.
Starchman said the Nursing Education Consultant position offers a great work-life balance.
“Being a telecommute position broadens the aspects of our applicant pool” he said. “It doesn’t have to be somebody that lives in the metro area, as long as they’re able to travel to Oklahoma City. We have other positions within our agency that are telecommuting positions and the employees live outside of the OKC metro; it works well.”
Starchman said the Oklahoma Board of Nursing is a great organization to work for.
“We like to pride ourselves in public service. The agency’s mission is to protect the public through nursing regulation,” he said. “We’re proud of our involvement on a national level with nursing regulation. Several of our staff are involved in national committees such as the NCSBN and the NLC. We’re very involved in that, and so that gives us a seat at the table nationally, but also helps to make sure that Oklahoma is aligned with national standards and national trends. I think it’s a progressive place to work, very professional, but we’re a good group of people, just good people to work with.”

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