Dale McKay, licensed clinical social worker at Mercy Clinic Behavioral Health

According to Dale McKay, everyone has a story to tell. McKay found hers at a young age, after the sudden death of her father.
“Watching my mother deal with the loss and the strength she had in how she coped with it is something that has always stayed with me,” said McKay. “She taught me to make peace, and to use even the saddest times in your life as a source of strength and wisdom for the journey that lies ahead.”
Now a licensed clinical social worker at Mercy Clinic Behavioral Health – Edmond I-35, McKay says she uses that same advice to help her own patients.
“I provide them a safe place for them to express their hopes and emotions and for them to tell me what’s happening in their life story, because everybody has one,” she said. “I help my patients realize their strengths and abilities so that they can accomplish more than even they may realize they are capable of.”
In addition to counseling, McKay uses her three decades of experience in hospital social work to provide education, prevention and treatment services.
“I really think of my time with my patients as a collaborative process,” she said. “I want to evoke strength and wisdom for my patients, just as my mother did for me all those years ago.”
Mercy Clinic Behavioral Health – Edmond I-35 is located at 2017 West I-35 Frontage Road in Suite 230 and offers free, confidential evaluations for anyone who has a concern about a psychiatric or behavioral disorder. To set up an appointment with McKay, patients do not need a physician referral. For more information, call 405-757-3720.