Free program offers help for those recovering from loss of loved ones

INTEGRIS Hospice and the INTEGRIS Hospice House seek volunteers for the next training session. This free, in-depth training is open to anyone who has a compassionate heart, and provides information necessary to help hospice patients and support for their caregivers.
INTEGRIS Hospice provides care in nine counties, including the metro and surrounding areas. Hospice care includes physical, spiritual and emotional support for the terminally ill. The hospice team is comprises of the medical director, nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains and trained community volunteers.
“INTEGRIS Hospice volunteers provide a unique kind of support to caregivers and patients at critical times,” says Carol Prewitt, RN, manager of Volunteer Services. “Their support makes a big difference and leaves a lasting impression for our families.”
Volunteers may run errands for caregivers, stay with a patient while caregivers take a break, or volunteer their time at the INTEGRIS Hospice House by sitting at the bedside, answering phones or assisting the hospice staff. Hospice volunteers provide special comfort and support to hospice caregivers and patients.
INTEGRIS Hospice and the INTEGRIS Hospice House are affiliates of INTEGRIS, a Medicare certified, non-profit agency dedicated to providing quality care to terminally ill persons and their families.
For more information about the volunteer program or to enroll for training, please contact Carol Prewitt at 405-848-8884.