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Q. At the end of every year I think about what I want to accomplish in the new year. I want to have meaningful and reachable goals and ideas not new years resolutions that sound great but never last. Here are some thoughts I wanted to share.


A. WEIGHT LOSS — Start slow. Think about nutrition and movement. Failure often occurs because people join a gym and start a diet that are extreme and set the tone for defeat.
NUTRITION — DON’T GO ON A DIET!!!! Start slow. Make small changes that bring big rewards. Start a food diary, Understanding why you overeat and what you choose to eat are very important in making permanent food changes. Learn about food and the benefits as well as dangers for your body. Disease can be directly related to unhealthy food choices.
MOVEMENT — Notice the word is not exercise which has a negative association for many people. We have become a very sedentary group of people and progress is unlikely to happen unless people can put their electronics on the table and walk away from them. A fat society is full of health care related problems. You can cease opportunities to take more steps, you don’t have to spend money and join a gym on Jan. 1 and stop going Jan 31 because you just don’t like it. Think of all the ways you can move your body..
WORK — Are you working the job that you enjoy? If No, what options do you have? If your options are few or none, is there anything about your job that does make you happy? Some of us are lucky to work with people that make any difficult day more bearable. In the health care profession there are many opportunities for transfers to other units or facilities. Take an inventory of your current job and see how it is working for you.
SOCIAL TIME — How are you spending your time away from work? Do you have close friends that you can spend time with who make you healthier? Do you have hobbies or social involvements that you really look forward to? One of the dangers of work related stress is isolating when the work day is over. Some people have had enough interaction. Alone time can be healing also if it doesn’t become the normal.
PERSONAL GROWTH — Are you following your dreams? Is there something that you have always wanted to do but made excuses for why you couldn’t do it? Do you want to take piano lessons but think you are too old? Do you want to go back to school but think you don’t have enough time? Personal growth comes from reading, joining 12 step groups. book clubs, making new interesting friends, traveling, etc.
Let 2017 tap into your creativity. Get out of the box. Color outside the lines. If you desire change, you can find it.