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Raechyl Fuller, RN enjoys working at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, North Campus in Oklahoma City, OK. Working in Dr. Mohammad K. Ghani’s office, the nurse’s work together to give the patients the best care possible.


by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) patient care is at the heart of everything they do. This physician-owned hospital was designed to ensure that patients receive expert, individualized care with the utmost comfort. OHH is the first of its kind in Oklahoma and the first all-digital hospital in the United States.
OHH has two locations, the North and South hospital campuses, as well as a network of more than 70 cardiovascular specialists at more than 60 clinics and two hospital locations across the state. The research foundation facilitates clinical trials of the latest medication, devices and procedures, keeping OHH at the cutting edge of advancements in heart health.
One of the many specialists at OHH is Mohammad K. Ghani, M.D., F.A.C.C. Inside his office, you will find Raechyl Fuller, RN. She begins to tell me how much she enjoys working at Oklahoma Heart Hospital. With a smile and friendliness about her, it is obvious that she loves her job.
Growing up in Okeene, Oklahoma, Raechyl attended college at Northern Oklahoma College in Stillwater, OK. “I’ve been a nurse almost five years now. My first job as a nurse was at Mercy, then a job at Orthopedic Associates for about four years. Last year, I had an opportunity to work here at OHH. I am happy to be a part of such a hospital. I like working for Dr. Ghani and I have learned so much since I came to work here. Dr. Ghani is nice and he is a great teacher.” Raechyl stated.
“There are several members in my family that are in the medical field. We don’t have to worry about getting sick. We are covered,” she said with a smile. “Actually, when I was little, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse. I was always helping my mother take care of things. I suppose my whole family influenced me to be nurse in a lot of ways. I also knew that nursing offers many different opportunities,” Raechyl commented.
What qualities make a good nurse? “I think a nurse needs to have plenty of compassion, be a team player, a good communicator and have great trust between all of their co-workers,” she replied.
“One of the favorite parts of my job is connecting with the patients. It makes everything a little nicer. Sometimes, I work in phone triage and that can be a little challenging at times. Later, I finally get to see the patient that I have been talking to, we talk a little more and I really get to know them pretty well. It’s kind of like we are all a big family. My biggest challenge when doing triage, is trying to ask the right question without actually being there. It can be as serious as chest pains and getting them the care that they need right away.”
What advice would you give to someone going into the medical field? “I would tell them to do observations, if they can, so they can get a base of what they will be doing. Also, if they do become a nurse, join a good study group; they are the best! Going to nursing school is a real eye-opening experience. It changed my ways of studying. It’s good if you can have first-hand experiences,” she replied. “My parents always showed me how to have good work ethic and I believe that I am where I am today because of them.”
Raechyl says her motivation comes from the desire to help others. “It is like it was instilled in me. I love the feeling of accomplishment and setting goals and reaching them. I also think that when someone works in the medical field and you are surrounded by others in the medical field, you’ve got co-workers with the same high standards.”
Raechyl married her high school sweetheart, is happily married and enjoys spending time with him. Her hobbies include running and walking her two dogs, Izzy and Skye. “I also like to travel and my sister and I get together and plan our trips. We go somewhere different each year. In fact, we like to travel so much, we both got a little tattoo of an airplane. We are already saving our money to go to the 2020 Olympics; one of my all-time dreams,” she said.
Raechyl’s Christmas plans? “I plan on visiting my sister and spending lots of quality time baking, like we do every year. That’s one tradition that my sister and I enjoy and will continue to keep.”

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At Hillcrest, our goal is to Change Lives for the better, together. Hillcrest Hospital – South provides state-of-the-art technology in an easy-to-navigate community setting.
Our 180-bed facility offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, including maternity, cardiology, emergency, orthopedics and surgery.
Hillcrest Hospital – South is committed to evidence-based medicine and our results speak for themselves.
· CVOR ICU Nights
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Hillcrest South offers:
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Hillcrest Hospital South
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No one wants to spend Christmas in the hospital – especially children. That’s why the big man himself made a special trip to INTEGRIS Children’s at Baptist Medical Center this week to spread some holiday cheer to the kiddos being treated there.
And he didn’t come alone. He brought some famous friends with him. His sidekick the elf, of course, and several Disney princesses as well.
Many of these kids will be spending Christmas in the hospital this year and the hope is that this kind gesture will make their holiday a little brighter –
despite their circumstances.

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What is one thing you want for Christmas this year? Northwest Nursing Center


Faleshia Frost, CMA

Great capacity to love others.

John Davidson
Activity Director

Just to have a blessed Christmas.

Zanetta Williams
Housekeeping Supervisor

For my fellow residents who don’t have a family to accept us as a family.

Alexus Marshall, CMA

Village on the Park is hiring a full time, including weekends LPN to join our AMAZING Family. Apply in person at 1515 Kingsridge Dr., OKC 73170.
Call Bill, Executive Director at 405-692-8700, or Email resume to

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Q. I graduated from college, got a full time job, affordable apartment, pay my bills and have a five year plan to pay off my student loans. I like my job and the people I work with; I have a social life but I keep thinking…….”Is this my life?” Something is missing. I need your suggestions. —Amber

A. Amber also shared the following story: “I was so lucky while I was in college that I had the opportunity to study abroad. I spent one semester in France. I knew while I was there that I could see myself living in that beautiful country. I kind of put it on the back burner after I came home and focused on school, work and studying.”
“Now that I have graduated I have checked off all the boxes and feel proud of my accomplishments but I still feel very unsettled. And the thoughts of France keep popping in my mind.”
“It seems totally unrealistic and irresponsible to move to France when I have debt I need to pay off. But the thought of going to work everyday, coming home and doing it all over again doesn’t seem to be working for me. Maybe its not even France, maybe I could think about getting my masters, challenging myself. I have always been a very goal driven person.”
What is important about Amber’s story is her desire to grow, to color outside the lines but she has developed the belief that being responsible means you “you color inside the lines.” But its not working. She has checked off all the boxes on her old check list. But it appears she needs a new check list because she is stuck and showing symptoms of depression.
I shared with Amber my friends story: Janice wanted to be a nurse but her parents wanted her to be a lawyer. She went to law school, passed the bar, got her first job and hated being a lawyer. Prozac was not going to solve this problem. Janice went to nursing school, found a great job and also found a good life.
Amber this is YOUR LIFE and you have limitless possibilities. Don’t continue on a path that isn’t working when another path is available. Make your new check list and see what it looks like. Use a crayon! Write it on a napkin. Change can be a little scary but a little scary just might be worth it!!!

Oklahoma Healthcare Authority
Have a Career that Changes Lives
Nurse Care Manager
Searching for a career where you can make a difference?
The Oklahoma Healthcare Authority is hiring for a Registered Nurse who wants to positively impact patient lives through managed care and advocacy.
The ideal candidate will be a clinical specialist, planning and coordinating Care Management for our members, ensuring necessary access to providers and medical services.
This position allows you to work with SoonerCare members, providers, advocacy groups, legislative representatives, other state agencies, and
staff to facilitate Care Management for our members and document their care management needs.
Qualifications include:
• Current/valid license as a Registered Nurse in Oklahoma AND
• Minimum of Two Years Full-Time Professional Clinical Experience
• One Year in an Acute Care Setting

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Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation aging researcher Bumsoo Ahn, Ph.D.

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation scientist Bumsoo Ahn, Ph.D., has been awarded an Irene Diamond Fund/AFAR Postdoctoral Transition Award in Aging.
The award, presented by the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) with support from the Irene Diamond Fund, will provide $120,000 in research funding to Ahn, a postdoctoral fellow studying age-related skeletal muscle weakness at OMRF.
AFAR is a leading nonprofit dedicated to advancing healthy aging through biomedical research. The goal of this program is to provide portable and flexible transitional funding for senior postdoctoral fellows as they transition to faculty positions. The award provides full-time research training and grant support.
“By giving these postdoctoral fellows this extra boost at a critical moment in their career path, AFAR is helping create a research pipeline that is essential to advancing better therapies for age-related diseases and discoveries that will help us all live healthier and longer,” said AFAR Executive Director Stephanie Lederman, Ed.M.
At OMRF, Ahn works in the Aging and Metabolism Research Program under the guidance of Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D., looking at hormone administration as a therapeutic strategy for age-associated skeletal muscle weakness. Specifically, he studies unacylated ghrelin, a hormone naturally released by the stomach that signals you to eat. This hormone has unknown effects on skeletal muscle, but Ahn and Van Remmen found that when it was elevated in blood, it increased muscle mass.
Ahn earned his Ph.D. at University of Florida. His academic focus was respiratory muscle weakness in in debilitating disease, including heart failure and cancer. “I am honored to receive this award,” said Ahn. “This funding will provide me with a real opportunity to push my research forward and make a difference for our aging population.”

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Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak is praising the ruling by a federal judge that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. Judge Reed C. O’Connor said the tax bill passed by Congress in Dec. 2017 effectively rendered the entire health law unconstitutional because it eliminated the penalty for not having insurance. O’Connor, judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, ruled that without that penalty, the law was no longer valid.
“I applaud the decision by Judge O’Connor to rule that the ACA is unconstitutional,” said Doak. “It offers an opportunity to refocus efforts on choice, affordability and consumer protections, elements that have been absent in the marketplace since the inception of the ACA. Whether the ruling is upheld through the appellate process or not, it is now time to apply sensible free market alternatives and fix the ACA problems legislatively. Part of this strategy should be the promotion of consumer alternatives such as association health plans and short-term limited duration plans.”
The administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which oversees federal insurance exchanges, said the ruling will have no impact to current coverage or coverage in a 2019 plan. An appeal is expected in the case which will likely end up in the Supreme Court.

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Working at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital, Travis Barnes, RN is known for his positive attitude and encouraging words.

by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Meet Travis Barnes, RN at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany, OK. Travis grew up in Oklahoma City attending Oklahoma City University. After a few years as an RN, Travis moved to Seattle, Washington, returning to Bethany, OK, accepting a job at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany, OK.
What qualities make a good nurse? “I think a nurse needs to be compassionate, honest, patient, dependable and to sum it up, one hard-working-machine,” he replied with a laugh.
Travis says that his favorite part of his job is when the children actually get better and get to leave to go home. “I see the kids come in here, and we get to work with them and then, we get to see them leave. Most of all, we get to see that child smile when the leave for home. It makes it all worth it.”
The biggest challenge for Travis is when the unexpected happens. “Being a nurse, we expect that to happen but there is always that rapid change and uncertainty. Sometimes, that can be one of the biggest challenges for me,” Travis said.
When Travis was little, he had high hopes of being a professional soccer player or a world traveler. That was going to be his career. Apparently, his parents had other goals for him. He has quite a few relatives in the medical field and they have been for quite a few years. His parents, his older sister, his sister-in-law and brother-in-law put it this way, our family stays very healthy!
What advice would you give to someone going into the medical field? “I would tell them that going into the medical field has many opportunities and the possibilities are amazing! You do need to stay positive when it comes to patient care. You will have some bad days but if you do, know that the one incident doesn’t determine your whole field. Just work hard and know that it is well worth it,” he replied. “Just keep a positive attitude, have a good support system and keep your head up,” he added.
A typical day for Travis keeps him busy. Travis is a charge nurse and lead staff nurse. One day a week, his work is done at Children’s Hospital at OU, working with a pulmonologist, lab work, ventilators, and chest x-rays, etc. “What a great experience working with the doctors. What a great experience and I am learning a lot each day,” Travis said.
I asked Travis to describe himself. “Oh, I am a very calm guy, very laid back. I am compassionate, helpful, friendly, patient and a bit comical at times. I guess you could say I am a real humanitarian in general,” he said.
Travis is married and has a beautiful 11-week old baby girl who goes by the name of Ingrid Magnolia. Travis likes to spend time with his family and enjoys all sorts of sports. “I like fishing but I just enjoy the outdoors.” Travis still holds on to a bit of his little boy dream and continues to play soccer and would still like to be a world traveler. “My wife and I would like to do some international traveling. I enjoy helping others out and I am an advocate for the little guy. I am a person others can rely on and a true advocate for society,” he added.
Along with work, family life and a little spare time, Travis has 5 pets to take care of; 3 dogs and 2 cats. “You wouldn’t want a cat, would you?” he asked.
Asking Travis if there was a funny incident or a funny story about himself that he would like to share, he paused for a moment and said, “Well, my car broke down on the way to my wedding. The problem was the fact that the timing belt went out. I wasn’t too late to my wedding and everything worked out, obviously. I can laugh at it now. At the time though, it wasn’t very funny,” he said with a smile.
If you were to sum up your life in one word, what would it be? “Resilient.” Last but not least, what is one thing that you would like for a Christmas present this year? “I would want my daughter to sleep more than 2 hours,” he said with a laugh. “I am pretty sure my wife wants the same thing for Christmas too.”

Changing Lives for the better, together.
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At Hillcrest, our goal is to Change Lives for the better, together. Hillcrest Hospital – South provides state-of-the-art technology in an easy-to-navigate community setting.
Our 180-bed facility offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, including maternity, cardiology, emergency, orthopedics and surgery. Hillcrest Hospital – South is committed to evidence-based medicine and our results speak for themselves.
· CVOR ICU Nights
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· Med/Surg All Shifts NICU Nights
Hillcrest South offers:
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Bill Muir, and wife Karen, provide guidance and support for seniors needing to make a transition.

by Bobby Anderson, RN, Staff Writer

Over the course of the last 15 years, Bill Muir has held a lot of hands, eased a multitude of fears and moved more than a few boxes.
As owner of Compass Senior Living Solutions, Bill, and wife Karen, focus on the next step for families who are in the midst of making important living decisions.
Do I need an independent or assisted living community?
Will this community help me thrive and get more out of life?
Can I afford what I need and where can I go to find out?
The Muirs answer all these questions and more, offering a one-of-a-kind concierge service in the metro all at no cost to the client.
Muir’s business is such that most times he gets a phone call from a distressed family member. Overwhelmed, stressed and under time constraints – the call relays the urgent need for mom or dad, grandmother or grandfather to find a new living situation.
All too often families are asked to make future living decisions within the span of a day or two when their loved one enters the hospital after a fall or sudden illness that makes it apparent they won’t be able to return to their home.
“Case managers will say ‘here’s a list of assisted livings in the area. You need to go visit them and let me know tomorrow which one you want to move your mom into,’” Bill said. “Boom. It’s deer in the headlights.”
That’s where Compass Senior Living Solutions comes in.
Here’s how it works:
* Bill or Karen will meet with you or fill out a brief evaluation over the phone. They will discuss what changes are going on in your life and determine what type of community will meet your needs.
* A review of your financial resources and communities that fit your budget comes next. Bill can also search out financial resources that can save you money if you qualify.
* Finding the area you are most interested in living and choosing three or four communities to tour follows. They will accompany you – or provide transportation if necessary – on tours to help you evaluate the offerings of each community.
The best part is the service is free to families and those who refer to him.
“I’m unbiased and my fees are paid by my communities,” Bill said. “Unlike my competitors, both Internet and other local referrals services my rates are all flat.
“I’m the only one like that.”
That means Muir is beholden to no one but his client.
And it doesn’t end there.
What sets Bill apart is his experience from the other side of the door working for communities in the metro. He spent the last 15 years marketing senior living communities.
“I know the information those assisted livings need and I know where to go get it,” he said. “Most assisted referral resources just spread names, point people in the right direction but they don’t do the most important part which is holding that family’s hand and helping them navigate through this whole thing all the way through move-in process.
“My service doesn’t stop when I connect them with a community.”
Move-in day is a big one not only for families but Bill himself.
He’s there early to make sure promised arrangements have been made.
He’s making sure medications are in place and ready to be dispensed and care plans have already been established by providers and are ready to go.
“It’s making sure those families are getting everything these communities advertise,” Bill said. “That is my goal, to provide that piece that is really missing.”
Bill also utilizes his sister, Vicki Muir – a 30-year case manager and social worker.
In addition, he’s a licensed long-term care insurance agent who no longer sells products but helps clients navigate the lengthy process of filing for benefits.
Uncovering forgotten aid and attendance benefits is another service Compass provides.
Over the past decade Internet services claiming to help find a place for mom or dad, have sprung up. It’s often a one-way street.
Muir’s service overlaps so many professions. He’s part real estate agent, counselor, confidant, life coach and negotiator.
He’s been there as people have agonized over decisions and he’s also seen the worry melt away with the right fit.
“It’s a transitions program but that’s an overused phrase now,” Bill explained of his service in a nutshell. “That’s the real difference in what I do is I make that transition all the way from first contact until after the move-in.”

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Angela Ramey, PHD, RN, and Assistant Professor at Southern Nazarene University.


by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

Walking into one of the offices at Southern Nazarene University there is a friendly individual waiting for me. She is Angela Ramey, PHD, RN, and Assistant Professor, who also goes by the name, Angie to her friends, but most of all, Dr. Ramey, as she is called by her students.
Angela grew up in Mustang, Oklahoma. She has been a nurse since 1985, working in several hospitals over the years. Her first experience as a nurse was at University Hospital, (now known as OU Children’s Hospital) along with working at Deaconess in the birth center for 14 years. At one point, she decided to go back to school. She received her Master’s degree from OU in 2016. “It’s been a long journey but I am happy where I am today and I love teaching the students,” she commented. “Currently, I am teaching a combination of Maternity Nursing and Pediatric Nursing. This semester, I have about 34 students in my class. They are all eager to learn and I see compassion and concern in all of them. I have a good feeling about these students,” she said with a smile.
What advice would you give to someone going into the medical field? “I would tell them that school is very challenging but also, tell them to stick with it, study hard and absorb all the information you can and when you get out in the field, you will be able to use that information. You will know how to care for a patient. Sometimes, you might feel like it is too much to learn but in the long run, there is a reason for it all,” she replied. “All of your hard work will pay off and it will all be worth it,” she added.
Angela’s favorite part of her job is spending time with the students. “The students present a wide array of personalities. Most students here have great success,” Angela commented.
What is your biggest challenge about your job? “I think the biggest challenge is the hours it takes to perform the job at hand. The schedule is very challenging and there are a lot of hours to complete all the tasks, but somehow, it always works out,” she said.
Asking Angela to describe herself, she replied, “I’m a person that is very particular in the way things are done. I have a value system that I developed over the years. What is my value system? My system is putting God first, family second and other activities third. It’s a great system. I love being with my family; husband, two daughters and four grandchildren. Sometimes we get to travel, going on trips together. I have enjoyed my years learning and I feel blessed to have been able to attend the schools that I have, receiving the education and I definitely like passing that information to my students. I am blessed in so many ways,” she replied.
Angela is a strong leader when it comes to teaching. “I am not a very strong leader when it comes to my personality but when it concerns the students, I am definitely a leader. I have to take hold of the reins and teach the students the best way that I am able,” Angela said.
What motivates you to teach? “Most of my motivation comes from God. I feel like my being a nurse is a calling from God and I am serving Him in what I do,” Angela stated.
When Angela was attending school, during her PHD program, she had two notable mentors. “These two people were definitely guiding me the whole time, “she said. “My primary mentor is Carol Rogers, PHD, RN, Assisted Director of Geriatric Training Programs, Assisted Professor, at OU and secondary, Karen Rose, PHD, RN, FGSA, FAAN McMahan-McKinley, and Professor of Gerontology in Knoxville, Tennessee. They both mean so much to me,” she stated.
Angela is happily married and will be celebrating her 40th anniversary very soon in 2019. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters and four grandchildren, Tucker 12, Paisley 11, Hadley 7, Hutson 6 and not to forget one more grandchild on the way. She enjoys traveling, listening to music; country, rock and roll, and gospel choirs. She also likes playing classical music on the piano. Angela possesses many talents.
Angela lives her life by the Bible. Other words that inspire her come from her parents, her husband, her pastors and those that she looks up to in her profession.

INTEGRIS Community Hospitals
Now Hiring at ALL Locations
Council Crossing • Moore • OKC West • Del City
• ER Registered Nurse
• Inpatient Registered Nurse
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• CT/Radiology Technologists
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Full-Time and PRN positions available
Competitive Salaries
INTEGRIS and Emerus are joint venture partners in INTEGRIS Community Hospitals. Emerus is the operating partner and hospital team members at the community hospital locations will be employees of Emerus Holdings, Inc., a national network of hospital partners and largest operator of micro-hospitals.

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The Lakeside Physician’s Group at Lakeside Women’s Hospital in Oklahoma City announced it had been named a 2018 Guardian of Excellence Award® winner by Press Ganey. The Guardian of Excellence Award recognizes top-performing health care organizations that have achieved the 95th percentile or above of performance in patient experience.
The Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award is a nationally-recognized symbol of achievement in health care. Presented annually, the award honors clients who consistently sustained performance in the top 5% of all Press Ganey clients for each reporting period during the course of one year.
“We are proud of our physicians and staff here at Lakeside Women’s Hospital. They are truly dedicated to delivering exceptional care to their patients,” says Kelley Brewer, the president of Lakeside Women’s Hospital. “Proof of this commitment is reflected in the positive patient experience feedback we receive on a regular basis.”
The award represents an important recognition from the industry’s leader in measuring, understanding and improving the patient experience.

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